Doing Pretty&Cute Full time

I've finally done it! After having a long conversation with my mom and my other half, they both support me in quiting my day job. I think you guys probably got an idea of how tired i was balancing two full time jobs. I hope you guys don't consider me weak because i am choosing to give up apart of my stable life for a dream. Everyone at my work is very supportive of my decision. Especially my CFO, he is very impressed by how well i am running my company. He told me If I ever want to come back and be a part of his Senior staff accountant, he would hire me in a heart beat. I gave them a one month notice, so my last day should be the end of this month. I just got a email from the CEO who is throwing me a fair well party. The nicer they are to me the guiltier i feel. I mean i been here for 3 years, I feel like i am abandoning the team. I don't deserve all the attention. I am going to miss here..........

On the bright note. I got a new camcorder~! I decided i would blog more and do more tutorials. I feel like I've let a lot of my viewers down by the lack of blog post and video updates. I can't remember how many people i promised i would do a tutorial. I can't remember how many people i told i would do a interview for. I have so many packages sitting here from people asking me to do reviews on which i simply didn't have time to do before. I feel like this is my chance to make up for all the empty promise and favors i promise to do.

Here is a latest tutorial of mine. I hope you guys enjoy.


  1. Janie!! Sometimes we have to make some sacrifices to achieve our dreams and in the long run, it will be worth it!! Congrats on being full time in Pretty and Cute!!! This is so amazing and as I always say... I truly admire how you are able to work towards your dreams and I wish you the best success and happiness!! <3 xoxo

  2. I''m with Mindy. Sacrifice, as much as it can hurt, can be the first step into greener pastures. :] You had to cut the old ties to make some stringer new ones, yeah?

    Anyway, congratulations on the big decision! I hope this is a realization of dream that'll make you so happy you can erase the majority (if not all of) the guilt you have for leaving your day-job. c: