Security breach

Upon switching to our new server, we had a security breach. I am doing everything in my ability to get this fixed. I am very hard on myself because i feel like i failed in protecting my customers, but after researching even bigger companies like Verizon and even Microsoft has had this happened before. This force me to make the decision of launching our un-finish site early. I will delete the database our current site is on now to protect whatever i can of our customer's privacy. I don't know how they did it, and i don't want to know what else they can do. I just hope i am strong enough and able to survive this. I been eaten away by guilt all day. Just imagining any of this has caused any one harm or inconvenience makes me so sad. I feel like i am a captain of a ship and suddenly hit a big rock, this is another obstacle i have to overcome, hopefully my supporters won't abandon me.

My dear customers,

If you received a email from

Dear Customer

Welcome to Pretty & Cute.

You must confirm your order.

Please click on the link below to finish your order :

For help with any of our online services, please ema il the store-owner:

Do not click on it. Please notice the email address is not from us, and we never ask you to confirm your order through email. We never ask any personal information. Our shop email address is Prettydollyeyes is my personal email address that people have came to be comfortable in contacting me using. prettydollyeyes is not even a domain name.

I received an email asking me to confirm my order by entering my credit card information. If you receive an email asking you to update your credit card information, DO NOT go to the Web site listed in the email. This is a scam email and is not authorized by Pretty&Cute is aware of the situation and is taking the necessary steps to resolve this matter.

What if I gave away my credit card information?

If you went to the scam Web site and entered your credit card information, call your credit card company immediately. Tell the representative that you were the victim of a scam. State that you received an email that instructed you to go to a Web site and confirm your order by entering your credit card information again.


  1. OMG. That's terrible!!!
    But don't worry, Janie! These awful things happen and I hope that it will be all settled soon.
    Fighting!!! <3

  2. That's horrid - but it's truly not your fault. One person (or even a team of people) can't catch every single hole in the system. Anyway, I don't think anybody blames P&C for what happened, things like this sometimes happen and at least customers know you are doing everything you can.

  3. O_O I totally would've fell for that scam...going to be careful in the future!
    That is really scary though....