Gift From God

Did blogtv by myself for the first time last night. I was afraid if i didn't have some kind of instant communication with my customers they would have a hard time navigating this P&C black Friday sale. It is 7:00am now. Rich, Megan, and I pulled a all nighter. I am so bless to have them by my side. I wouldn't be able to do this on my own without them.

During the blogtv the question about how I started Pretty&Cute came up a couple of times. The questions got me started thinking. I started asking myself how did i get here, what led me to be in a position to be able to inspire other? There was no proposal, there was no plan,I almost didn't finish school because how crazy my childhood was. I was a simple girl. I was someone who you probably wouldn't take a second look at. Pretty&Cute was a gift. A gift from god. God has a funny way of testing his children. Before he would give you something, he would first take something away. It's when you lose you will learn to appreciate what you have. This Thanksgiving i am especially thankful. I am thankful for my health and my ability to appreciate the help i get. Thank you god for teaching me there is no free meal in this world. I promise i won't fail you.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.<3


  1. Aww Janie! I missed your blogtv. >.<
    But I really must say that you are truly inspirational and I admire your hard work and passion towards Pretty&Cute! Thank you for being a great inspiration and you motivate me to work hard towards my dreams and goals.

    Love, Mindy

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! &I agree with Mindy. I also admire your hard work! Thankyou!


  3. Missed ur blogtv ydy... stupeed boarding school with no internet access =[ do another one!! x

  4. Loved watching you on blogtv!!

  5. Janie I actually wanted to buy the pink brushes but I don't know if you had a sale and I wasnt able to go to blogtv :<

  6. which pink ones? Email me