Hello everyone! I feel like i haven't made a blogpost in so long. I have thought about blogging while i was sick, but i couldn't find the energy to think of something intelligent to write. Yesterday was the first day i finally felt good enough to connect with you guys. I decided to make a video. Thank you to those of you who watched and commended wishing me get well soon.

A lot of you are curious of what is wrong with me. I want to thank everyone for their concerns. There is nothing really serious wrong with my health. I visited the hospital because instead of asking for help, i climbed on a shelve to grab a product for a customer. I was already feverish, so i felt dizzy and fell. I am okay. Nothing broke just body aches and bruises.

From time to time i would come across post of readers or customer's thank you blogs dedicated specially to me. I feel bad because I never blog about them or give them the public thank you they should of gotten. I feel that whatever i write publicly is a type of bragging. Today I read a really nice blog about me, and wanted to thank the writer for allowing my writing be a part of their inspiration.

When I was younger, i told my mom that if i was to become popular, i would use my popularity for something greater than just self-gain. My mom laughed at me. I am not saying I am popular now, but if i was given the chance to be heard I would have so much more to say than just what color of lip stick will look good with your green blouse. I really am grateful for every reader i gain. As i get older, the less time i have. I wish i have more time to write, but time was never something that was on my side. I just hope that is able to take me to more place and open more doors for me to help people. That is my goal and my life dream. Thank you for helping me make my dream an reality. Helping me make this world prettier, one reader at a time.