Product Review for sensitive Skin


  1. i just posted a comment on your last entry and then the site refreshes and i see a new entry XD lol You're really pretty ^-^
    I'm at that age range where I should be using sunblock too but my skin is really sensitive to sunblock because of how sticky they are @_@ I was wondering if the sunblock you showed was moisturizing? And if it is matt finish? Would you suggest it for acne prone skin? Sorry for all the question XD
    Thank you =)

  2. Did a blogpost on you just then! <3 you're actually such an inspiration (L)

  3. @Narcrisstically, wow~! Thank you so much for the post. I am truly speechless. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and actually think about the words i write. I know these blogs are not as entertaining as beauty blogs, but it makes me so happy that i am able to inspire other to join me to help make this world prettier. Thank you so much.

    @Nyuu, I don't find the sunscreen is as moisturizing as other stickier sunscreens. In fact, since it dries powdery it gives a wax smooth feeling to face locking the moisture that was on the face in. So you can put on a ance serum and than lock it with the sunscreen i recommended and it would be just as good. I am using a 3 step treatment from DermaNew. It is awesome for acne. My face is clear now because of it. You should try it out.

  4. They're actually just as entertaining as beauty blogs! I find you have a good balance between 'beauty' and 'deep' issues. You are my favourite beauty guru and I really admire you as a person simply because you are quite selfless <3 I will be purchasing from prettyandcute soon <3

  5. Your face looks slimmer somehow-- have you lost weight? o:

    Either way, merci for the super-helpful review~. My sis has sensitive skin so any advice/ reccs are always nice. :]

  6. Hello! I do buy product on pretty&cute and I am really interested in the Lioele sunblock you mentionned; however, I'd like to know if it is a non-comedogenic product.

    Thanks in advance :)