I am always surprised when i come on my blog spot. I can't believe there are actually people following my blog. Thank you ~! ^_^

With so much going on in my life, being able to blog is like a little break i can take. One of the girls who work for me told me i should sleep more, and i told her if i sleep more than the world around the people I love and the people who love me will stop turning.

I slept the first 22 years of my life away, it's about time i start living reality instead of living in a dream.

My mom is a really superstitious person. She often take my brother's and my birthday to the fortune teller to calculate. The Chinese believes that everyone's life is controlled by destiny. Future has already been decided for us and written in ancient books. With the numbers of our birthday and the time that we are born, they are able to calculate a prediction of how our lives would be like in the future.

Since my birthday numbers never change, the stories are always the same. It always starts with a tragedy and than happiness. The fortune tellers always told me that the first 17 years of my life is full of bitter. I will experience the lowest points of my life until i turn 25. After i turn 25 life will start becoming clear to me, and nothing can stop me. They always told me they have never seen someone who hold's so much luck. I am the type of person who would step on poop and find's a diamond ring in the poop i step on. haha i always laugh when i remember the analogy he used. I have never stepped on poop before, but ever since i turned 25, i can't denied every time i see a pile of poop in my yard i want to run over and give it a good stomp.

All the other fortune tellers basically sums up the same conclusion that i was a very smart person, and that I will be the sole provider of all my families. (I hope they mean immediate families, because I have a crazy big family.)

I often think back at their guidance and find myself shocked each time what they predicted do happens. Granted i have not test out the poop theory yet, but I do feel like my life did not start until I turned 25.

Either way, my mom find's these predictions pleasing to her heart. She finds comfort in knowing things will be okay for my brother and I.

My mom is exceptionally pleased with my brother's life predictions. We are not suppose to tell anyone especially him. She said we must keep it a secrete so he doesn't feel full of himself and don't try hard in life.

It's always very interesting to hear these kinds of stuff and It makes me happy to see my mom happy. Do i think these stories are true? I think if it can be a strong belief for so long by the Chinese, there has to be some truth to them. My mom never once paid for the fortune tellers, so they are not obligated to tell us what we want to hear. Besides, i heard a very sad prediction made one of my mom's friend, and sadly it came true last year...

Is your family superstitious? Has anything a fortune teller predicted about you ever came true?


  1. Haha..if a trustworthy fortune teller told me that diamond rings came out of poop I stepped on..I would probably test that theory. xD

    My family is pretty superstitious dad does a bunch of the fortune tellings...and well apparently they worry for my future...I hope it's not THAT bad ;o; Anywho sounds like you have a great fortune and life ahead of you! :D

  2. Hello there, haha. . . Very interesting post! Well, my family is sort of superstitious. They once took me to the fortune teller, and guess What, he predicted that i would get married in the age of 17! Lol. . . . I'm 20 now, and still available! Haha. . .

    The poop theory is hilarious! Haha.... Anyway, i don't fully believe in fortune teller prediction, but one good thing about going to them is that, mostly, things will be Okay at the end and that makes you feel better. ;-)

  3. Hmm... if you're super lucky then it wouldn't hurt to step in poop but make sure you put ugly shoes on first. xD

    I'm pretty superstitious but I've never been to a fortune teller--mainly because I don't know any. ;__;