From time to time i would get messages on facebook from men who are trying to get a date. Often times i would ignore the message and go onto the next one. After all, men will be men. I guess there are some men out there who feel more secure meeting women online. I guess a rejection online isn't as hurtful as ones in real life. This morning i got a message that bothered me so much I have to blog about it.

I got a message from someone name Zack San. His message was titled, "800/day model job."

At first i didn't notice the title, I open the message thinking it was a question from a fan or a customer.

His first question was asking me if i was interested in doing a photoshoot.
Keep in mind my profile is blocked and he has not seen any of my pictures yet. He message me to add him as a friend because he was unable to add me because i declined his request before. This isn't the first time someone has told me this, so i didn't think much of it. I added him. Within 1 minute, i got over 20 likes and 9 comments on my pictures. He then message me stating he is very interested in working with me because i am really photogenic. I asked if he knew my friend Vivi bory, because she is a model. I am very inexperienced with modeling. Since I know nothing about it, I was hoping he would hire my friend instead. I guess he went and searched her name, because all of the sudden he joins her fan page. He messages me again asking me for my email so we can talk more about it. At this point I was more interested in getting Vivi booked rather than actually doing it myself. I gave him my email. This is what he send me.

fromjust me
dateTue, Sep 21, 2010 at 9:22 AM
subjectFILL IN SAMPLE Portfolio
hide details 9:22 AM (11 hours ago)

-plzz fill in n reply to me
-give me also sample pic related with the theme u selected(if select bikini sample pic must b bikini)
at least 10pcs or more
must b wearing the theme outfit
can do camwhore

Gender: Female

Theme(Lingerie,bikini,mini skirt with single):



Msn email:

FB email:



Date of Birth:

Contact Number:


Willing travel:

Email address:

Nationality: Malaysian



Vital Statisti(eg:34B-24-36):

Shoe Size:

Dress Size:


Level of Education:


Modeling Experience / Activities :

I think it was after reading "give me also sample pic related with the theme u selected(if select bikini sample pic must b bikini" I started to realize how strange this sounds. First I already told him i never had any experience in Modeling. Second If he already decided he want to use me as a model, why am i send him pictures of myself?

I quickly logged onto my facebook and blocked him. I was very sicken by the fact that he was looking at my pictures. After blocking him i decided to share with my friends on facebook this new creepo friend i almost made.

After reading everyone's comments I realize this is a big problem for girls. Granted not all men are scums, but he is using girl's passion or desire to become models as a gateway to check out girls in bikinis. God knows how many girls fell for him thinking by sending this pervert pictures of themselves in a bikini will get them their first paid gig.

This troubled me. I was very worried and found myself feeling helpless because I didn't know how to stop this pervert or any pervert from taking advantage of young girls. I told myself I would blog about it, but it's no use because my voice and reach isn't loud enough.

Luckily this guy was just a pervert and not some scam artist who is out to get people's money. I guess letting him see a couple of pictures of you in a bikini isn't nearly as bad as sending him money and realizing it was a lie.

We hear about these stories all the time and I just hope that girls are able to recognize legitimate jobs from a scam. If modeling means lowering our dignity, sharing our body and virtue before achieving the title "Model," Is being a model really worth it?

Be smart girls, men think they can toy with us. Don't allow them to take advantage of you. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Do your research first. Any legitimate photographer should have their own site or somewhere they post up their work. Even an amateur photographer will have some pictures. If they call themselves "Photographers" that means they see photography as their art. What kind of artist doesn't practice their own craft?

If they claim they are an agency wanting to hire you for an event, show, or any appearance, make sure they can provide proof of working for that company. If they claim they are from a big firm, check their email. No company will contact you using an unprofessional personal email.

I wish I can reach out to more people. If girls don't help girls, who will help us? We were told to be inferior because we are smaller, weaker, and less intelligent. Don't look down on each other, and especially don't give men any more excuses to degrade us.


  1. aww thanks for blogging about this creepy experience and trying to make people aware of it!

  2. I appreciate you blogging about this. Even if you reach a few people it's worth it, right? It's a very good thing to make girls aware of!

  3. this was interesting.. the first sign to stay away would be the broken english! good thing you blocked him

  4. Its good you're sharing your experience && warning other girls...

    && if it was legit, proper english would have been used, not broken and full of spelling errors =p