MI Series Butterfly Green

When i first saw these lenses a couple of years ago i thought they were so pretty. I wanted to try them but never had the chance. Kiwi messaged me and ask if i was interested to review any MI lenses, I immediately thought of the butterfly series. I couldn't decide if i wanted the green ones or the gray ones, so Kiwi send me both. The butterfly lenses were the second pair i Opened. I wanted to see what they look like in my eyes. The first time i tried them on i honestly was disappointed. I did not like the enlargement effect which was only 14.00 nor did i like the super dark design. As you can see without flash you can barely see the butterflies on the lens. I guess i should of known better, butterfly lenses never do show well on Asian eyes. I think that is the reason why i never opened the T-Butterfly from GEO. I owned a pair of T-star, but I only worn them once for a review than never touched it again.

This is the second time i tried these lenses on. And i have to say, i had a change of heart. I still do not like the enlargement effect and the design, but it's not as bad as I thought it was. The enlargement effect is smaller than most lenses i wear, but they still enlarge. I like the halo effect from the lenses, which not all lenses gives me the same effect. Some lenses regardless of diameter size gives a halo effect on different eyes. I think the gray ring is what makes the halo so shinny.

With Flash

With flash you can see the design a little bit better. It really doesn't matter what color of butterfly you pick because it won't show if you have brown eyes. I do imagine these lenses would look really pretty on Caucasian eyes. The comfort level is okay, it's not as comfortable as 14.5mm lenses would give me, but there is no dryness within short periods of time like some lenses.

Since i already have a pair of these gorgeous lenses, and like i said it really doesn't matter which color you pick, it will still look the same. I decided to give the gray pair of Butterfly lenses away. I ask Kiwi if that would be okay, the generous her agreed. So i will be hosting another giveaway for these lenses. I have no decided on how to do it yet, but it will most likely be announced on my youtube or facebook. Well i already told my friends on facebook, i think they are just waiting for my video. Last time i did a giveaway based on people telling me why they should win, but I think this time i should do something different to be fair.

The lenses will be unopened brand new, so its not the one i wore for this review.

Maybe I will have Butters Choose the winner lol. <3


  1. Oooh~ Sweet~ I would love to join in also!
    I just threw out a bunch of expired lenses..booo...gotta save up for more..

  2. those are so pretty, such a shame that the design didnt show up on your eyes that well :(

  3. Even thought the design didn't show well, your eyes still look very pretty with those lenses. I just wanted to say that I think you are awesome and I admire you very much for the positivity you spread. Take care & love!

  4. Love the butterflies~ and I love your blog! You're super pretty and your eyes are gorgeous<3

    I'm following~^___^

    Miss. P

  5. ahhhhh... i understand the halo look you mentioned in your video!!!

    yah it's really pretty =]
    but i don't think it's because of the butterflies right?

  6. hye~this lens is cute..where did u get it?