I was very excited when these first came out. I really thought they were going to be vibrant. I mean come on, the name NEON series? Doesn't it make you think it will some what resemble some of the colors? I was so disappointed with the colors, I thought i had it on backwards. I still think i had it backwards. I don't know the backside of these lenses are very light. On the side that i have in the picture it moved around a lot, kinda like it's in backwards. When i flip it around, it's irritating in my eyes. Maybe i got a defective lens, i need to open the other colors to see. I brought all the colors of this series. I am going to open one more pair, and if it still feels slippery slide, i think i will just sell it to someone who wants it. Maybe it's just not for my eyes? I came to accept that not everything that is made is for everyone. There are just somethings that are created wouldn't be a good match with you. For example, Mac foundations. Mac foundation and I are not a great match. Mac foundation breaks me out, and I write bad reviews about it. It's better that we stay away from each other lol. However, i like everything else of MAC's. I made a video wearing this lens, but through out the video you can see how uncomfortable my eyes were. I have to edit it and see if there are any good enough scenes to be shared. These lenses are 14.5mm, which was the only good thing about them. They remind me of mine G-204 which I absolutely love! However, If you don't already own a similar lens, you would probably like this series. I have to figure out which way is the right side before i give it a thumbs up or down. Someone school me~! Tell me I am wearing it wrong? lol.


  1. if its moving a lot means that its back wards.if its still irritates your eyes then stop using it maybe its a defective lens. or just to big for your eyes.

  2. i think that this violet one look gorgeous one you! but i have to agree with the other comment here, you should stop using..for while maybe.. once this happened to me, i tried one month later and the lens were ok.. x.x""

    love your blog!
    =) kissesssss