Dueba DM-23 PINK

I recently made a video reviewing these lenses, but i feel like i wasn't as clear on the video as i would like to be. The DM23 lenses are one of the prettiest lenses i have ever worn. I find it to be really natural and shinny. I like my lenses to be subtle but yet give me a very glossy shine. I like subtle colors like brown, black, or even violet because they turn out some what dark on my eyes. The DM23 pink is my favorite pink because.

1) Enlargement is good 14.5
2) I like how it's more darkish pink than bright
vibrant pink
3) It has a really glossy design.


  1. oohh it looks really nice on you :) btw what false eye lashes number are u wearing?

  2. glamor lash 77

  3. These are really nice!! I'm starting to like the darker subtle colors too. Do they have them in prescription? :3

  4. The idea of pink lens always weirds me out but it looks quite nice on you!