Damaged Hair

Like my skin, my hair has been really damaged. I dye my hair way too often. I guess it's worth it since i dyed my hair i have been getting compliments on it non-stop. Thank you guys for liking the color o chooses. ^_^

Today i finally did something about it. I rent to Tony & Guy and did a treatment on it. One of the product i brought after the treatment was this conditioner. This is suppose to put protein and nutrient back into my hair. Just the name alone sound like it would really work lol. "Serious conditioner" by S factor.

After the treatment my hair does feel a lot healthier. This morning the tip of my hair was still feeling really dry, but now it's not as dry and it doesn't feel like it's going to break off. The hair closer to my roots are fine. Ever since i used Kai BeSelection Shampoo Brush HK-0084 my hair has been feeling fuller and alive. It really does help the circulations and not to mention it feels really really good. I hope my hair can become healthy again. I really want to change my hair color again haha. I like my hair to be a light brown, but not orange brown, but my ends are always lighter than my roots. The ends look more blondish than brown. If the Serious conditioner does't work than i will try the Japanese products.

I use to complain a lot about how American products don't work on me, now that i started using Asian products i am complaining they are working too well on me. I need to find a balance lol.

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