A choice in life

Raising a child with both parents is always better than with just one, but at what stage in a child’s life do they get to choose to be raised by one parent or both? We don’t get a choice in the family background we are to be born in, but we do have a choice in what kind of person we can become.

Growing up was a very difficult time for me. I think aside from being picked on for being Asian, getting teased for being raised in a single family home was the most hurtful. People say kids are cruel. We can’t blame them for what they don’t know. I guess, teaching them the sounds of each animal makes is more important than teaching them how to treat other people with respect.

I have always been very careful of how I acted in front of other people. I knew my actions will directly impact on how they view my parents. Since I was raised by my mom, my actions will reflect on how successful she was in raising me.
I am all grown up now, and yet I still try to do my best to respect everyone around me to credit my mom for a job well done in raising me. I think that is the biggest repay any kid can give to their parents.
That is why it amazes me every time when I see someone doing something that makes the people who raise them look bad. It’s like everyone has their own good legitimate reason to say or do the things they do. It’s kind of like those people who are involve in a school shooting. They all have a good reason for doing something so awful. I would understand if you grew up never having anyone to teach you right and wrong, but if you do, what is your excuse? Why would anyone want to make their own parents look bad by acting stupid? Acting stupid behind a computer screen and acting stupid in front of thousands of people is still the same thing. You are still acting stupid, rather anyone other than you knows it or not.
For example, the cyber bullying on MySpace has caused a poor girl to kill herself. Cyber bullying has been increasingly popular in the last few years. People think the Internet is a law free community, and behind a screen name no one will ever know who they are or what they’ve done. If they are able to find a sex offender who is using the internet to pickup young girls and boys, what makes you think they won’t be able to track you by your IP? didn't you know you had to give your personal information in order to sign up for the internet? If you ever wrote a nasty message or harassment email to someone, that is enough of proof to report you to authorities. Your IP is like a digital signature that you can’t hide. Here is more information on cyber bullying.

My dear girls think twice before you go and start a cat fight with someone you think is worth you wasting your time on. Even if you think you are only wasting 20 minutes of your life to write a hate message, that 20 minutes is time you can never get back. Time is the only valuable thing in life you can’t earn back. Why would you want to waste a minute of something so valuable never the less 20?
The internet can be a very dangerous place, especially how popular it is now days. We all have our own idols and people we admire. I admire those who use their popularity to educate, influence, and teach others what they can’t learn in our schools. Don’t only teach girls how to be beautiful outside, but within as well. We don’t have a choice in the family we are born in, but we do have a choice in being who we are.


  1. Thank you for posting this blog... it addressed something really, really important.