Angelababy Fights Back!

Over the years the rumor of Anglababy having plastic surgery has spread rapidly. The more popular she is the harsher the rumors get. We all understand that when a person is popular they will have haters, it's just part of being famous. We as a fan should just accept what is being said about our idol and ignore it. Well Angelababy is telling the world she will not tolerate it. Angelababy is becoming a world famous Icon with her modeling career, acting, and now her own clothing line. She wants to clear these rumors once and for all. She has requested a doctor to examine her face for any scars, lumps, or any unnatural injections. She said in a recent interview she will be taking legal actions to any slander to her image.

She has already taken legal action to a Hong Kong gossip magazine for claiming she had plastic surgery. She said she can't talk to much about the subject since her lawyers are already working on the case.

I have always loved Angelababy. Plastic Surgery or not, i find her unbelievably beautiful, and can careless of what the media say about her. For some reason, some girls just can't believe there are people in this world who is that perfect. If anyone is prettier than them, god know they must had something done. I am really proud of Angelababy and admire her for standing up to the rumors. I honestly don't think anyone cares or it even hurts her career. I believe the haters will continue to want to be like her, and her career will still be rocketing sky high. A lot of people say, "She is teaching kids our generation how to be fake." How can she be teaching kids how to be fake when her beauty is real? By spreading rumors of a pretty girl is only pretty because she had surgery is causing our next generation to go out and get plastic surgery. They believe that is the way to being beautiful. Sometimes i wonder if people actually think about what they are saying before the criticize.


  1. she is beautiful!!! && i believe she's a natural beauty
    her only "crime" is being photogenic