Amika Wet to Dry Styler

I am so excited! I just got myself one of these on I can't wait till it gets here. I've been meaning to get a new straightener since my last one got stolen. I am so happy i found another one that is pink and it can be used on wet hair! I have long hair, and i don't plan on cutting it anytime soon. I love having long hair, but the downside is, it takes super long to dry! That was what sold me. Time is valuable to me, I am going to save an hour of time just on styling my hair. I can do my wavy curls once again. So far I like what i hear. I can't wait to do a in depth review on it. I am so excited guys! I hope this works out. You know when you have high hopes on something, they always end up disappointing? Here is a video i found on it. Tell me what you guys think!

Original price was like $250 or something not including shipping. I guess it's like 50% off at haultlook, but I read you can get it cheaper on Amazon. I personally trust haultlook more. There are so much replica's out there makes it hard for me to shop. That is exactly why I don't shop on ebay anymore. I read people buy My Beauty Diary Mask on their for like $10.00 a box, that is crazy and you can almost guarantee it's fake. Anything you put on your face, go on the safe rout, spend that extra couple of dollars. You will have to pay a lot more to fix whatever harm the possible fake mask will do to you.


  1. wow thats a good straighter! I probably buy this.i'll wait for your review first :D

  2. omg janie. you almost made me buy it. i literally was on hautelook and put it in my cart. but.. i just spent over 100 dollars on eve pearl products on hautelook and thought to myself... can't spend any more money :( LOL let me know how it is!!!!!!! jess :)

  3. You can actually purchase My Beauty Diary masks for $10 on legit stores too. & there's a way to check for authenticity as well--even I've purchased a few MBD masks from ebay with them being the real thing.