Laneige's Strawberry Yogurt Pack

I love trying new things, especially anything that smells good. I saw this when i visit LA's Korean Town Center. I was overly excited when i saw this product because frankly, that town center sucks. There was nothing there that was "Korean." I think i saw more Japanese products than Korean products. I got this cream because i am a big fan of Yogurt. I think it smells so nice, but i hate the texture. I like the yogurt drink better. ^_^

Anyways back to the review. I always like a second opinion on products that i would possibly like to carry in my shop, so i gave everyone in my office a facial. As i apply the product on the face, i felt the texture of the product to be thin. You have to use a lot in order for result and i feel that 2.7FL OZ is not enough, especially when product market price range from $22.00~$30.00.

This product was intended to use with another product. So that means you will have to drop at least $50.00 ~ $75.00 in order for this product to work. As i applied it to my own face, the smell of the cream quickly fades, and the after a couple of use i don't feel any difference on my skin. I think I would have a higher success rate if i have brought the Pealing mask a long with this, but I am glad i did not buy it.

Laneige has a lot of great products, but the Strawberry Yogurt Pack cream is not one of the best for facial needs. It is super pink and it smells really nice, but didn't we buy the cream for facial health in the first place? I guess you really have to ask yourself what you need this cream for, if you are collecting cute pink stuff and love the smell of yogurt this would be for you. If you are looking for something that shows Amazing results on your skin, i don't think this is the product you will find miracle in.


  1. Pity that it isn't the best product, the packaging looks cute ^.^

  2. have this product - smells nice but havent seen any results.