I've always had very long nails, but i have a nasty habit of pealing my nail polish off when i am bored. Lately i've been playing around with a lot of Nail polish since P&C is now carrying them. I really like this one. It's cal Glam 80431 by China Glaze. I love how princessy it makes my nails look. I have always liked glitter nails, but i did not want to get fake nails. I really don't like how they ruin your nails and you have to keep getting them fix in order to look good. Since i've always had pretty nice nails i didn't see the need to paid $50 dollars to get my nails ruined. I am a happy camper to finally found a nail polish that gives a super nice bling and yet i don't have to put on fake nails for.



  1. that is super blingy, but very pretty, i like!

  2. I love the way your nails look <3 <3 I've been scoping out your website and I didn't see the ChinaGlaze available yet ;___; but that's okay, it gives me time to save money! <3

  3. This is so pretty blinky. I love it ^^