Inspired - Jen

Jen's blog is one of my favorite blogs to read. Every time i send her stuff i can hardly wait to see what kind of tutorials or insights she has for the products. Being able to watch her work her magic on something i would have no idea what to use for is amazing. I am especially inspired by her most recent post. She did a great job on doing Boa's new look. This is a very harsh dramatic look and not everyone can pull it off. Jen is quite petite. Everything about her is small and cute. It was hilarious when i found out how small she was. I think we were talking about her modeling and i went on her page. Here is what happened:

10:37 AM
me: JEN!

your only 411?

Jen: yeah lol

i thought you knew i was short!
10:38 AM
waah, do you hate me now?

6 minutes
10:45 AM (I was distracted at work lol)
me: no no~

I don't think most people expected this, but Jen is quite funny lol. Sometimes i walk away from my computer and come back laughing like crazy because some of the things she writes to me.

I am not always the one answering my messages or instant chat for that matter. One day she message me and i guess my assistant was my emails and messages.

Jen to me
show details May 17
7:09 PM
Jen: hey janie do you know when you will get missha bb in?
7:12 PM
me: Hi Jen

Jen: hey

me: What color in particular are you looking for?

21, 23?

Jen: 23

im dark, lol

me: Do you have an order already placed?

Jen: nope, you said you didnt have it in stock yet last time i asked
7:13 PM
me: Sorry I just checked something and we currently do not have any plans in ordering anytime soon
7:14 PM
Jen: aww

i thought that one was popular?

me: We're sorry for this inconveniece

It is quite popular, so it became a really high demand
7:15 PM
But please be sure to check back and check out our other products!

Jen: uh


why are you talking all... corporate

me: I'm another staff member

Janie is away right now

Jen: ohhh


lol- Jen messaged me the next day explaining how weird it was. I cracked up laughing so hard the people in the office thought i was crazy. I am so thankful that me and Jen could become great friends.


  1. I love watching her reviews as well...she is very charismatic like you :)

  2. no need to be jealous! Jen is very nice, anyone can easily become friends with her ^_^

  3. LOL

    the convos were quite amusing ~