Owning a home is most American's ultimate dream. This last couple of years i have been looking for a house that i can afford and yet fit my whole family in. My family size is only getting bigger and bigger, but yet my income isn't. I need a 5~6 bedroom house to fit my mom, my brother, my cousin(s), and my self. I know i shouldn't put so much pressure on myself, but i feel like who else can my family depend on if not me? I can't let them down. I must work harder.


  1. It's extremely difficult to get a new house these days, it's a long process and im speaking from experience. Right now my mom and I have been house hunting for the past few months, we need a big house like you said but we plan to buy the home and renovate it not rent it so it's a different story. The hardest part is not necessarily finding the home(contrary to how HGTV shows make it seem!) but the legal issues of moving in and figuring out how to pay for it all. Houses can have code violations,unpaid taxes bla bla >.< in finding a house! Prices keep on dropping.. hopefully it stays this way :)
    I wish you the best of luck!

  2. I know and I undestand you ^_^ I too am dreaming for my own house not just to stay with my mom:) ajah!

  3. @Ana~ ahhh yes buying a house is not just monthly rent! So much hidden fees and taxes. I live in Oregon where there are no sales tax, but a really high property tax. *sigh* life is just hard all around >.<

    @Mimi~ I hope your dream comes true ~ I know i've dreamed of it for a very long time ^_^