Breakout from Stress

My life has been extra stressful these past few weeks and my skin is at a very weak state. Breakout on top of blemishes and irritation from the breakout causing it to swell up. My self-esteem really went downhill ;( . I went around the office looking for something to help my skin. It can't possibly get any worse. I have always wanted to try the Lioele A.C control system, but since my face was so sensitive i was afraid it might turn out negativity, and than i wouldn't be able to honestly tell my customers if the product was good or not. After i read about it and reviews people had on it, i decided to try it. I am so happy i got good results because now I can give a very honest opinion and still carry this product because it really does work. I used the Night repair and it's one of the most over night repair i have ever used. You can feel it working because of the cooling sensation. Next morning my face's redness was reduce by half and swelling was gone. I think this product is worth sharing. I am just normal girl with the most stubborn skin. A lot of the product on the market does not work for me, so i am happy to find one that can deliver fast result and affordable at the same time. Blemish is one of my skins biggest flaws. The redness on my skin makes me look old, especially when I am so fair, the redness really stands out. If you have a similar problem as me, i really recommend this product. Beauty is priceless. With all the chemical in the air and stress of life, we need to do even more to keep out skin healthy and glowing. It's amazing how much younger and confident i feel when my face is clear.

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  1. Glad you found something that works for you! I'd love to try this because when I get blemishes they are red as anything and stubborn! But fortunately they are rare and usually only last a few days. If I ever get stuck with a nasty one I'll certainly give this a shot though =) Thanks for the info! =D

  2. thats good to hear that this product works great :)