I am so glad I went to watch it. The reviews for the movie wasn't that good, but it won me over!

I absolutely love it. I love movies that makes me feel torn and totally get my heart into the action. I was torn between Jacob and Edward the whole time! Kristine did a great job acting out the emotions that she felt for both men. (Of course we all know she wasn't acting for one of them, that lucky girl.)

I have always been obsess with Edward since the first series, but after the second one i have been more emotionally attached to Jacob. After seeing the third movie i am positive that i am a Team Jacob girl ^_^ .

I mean the whole vampire thing is sexy, but Jacob reminds me of Butters (my puppy) lol. I had to pick him. How can you not? He is sooooooooooooooo cute in wolf form and super rock hard body in human form. The only thing i would probably not like would be his age... he is young he acts young and Edward was way more mature than him. I guess Bella loves Edward for his maturity and how he makes her feel like she is so special.

I really do hate these kinds of movies. After you watch it, you have to constantly tell yourself, "It's just a movie, it is just a movie, this kind of love does not happen to real people."

Even though their passion, love, lust, and obsession for each other is fiction, I still dream of the day someone can make me feel as special as Edward & Jacob make Bella feels.


  1. I watched Eclipse too! I loved it as well! :)

  2. I still haven't gone to see it but it's on my list!! Can't wait =) I love your blog it's SO cute! I'm now a follower! =)

  3. this post basically summarized my whole twilight adoration situation, except for the butters part... lol I don't have a dog but I can see the connection you're making =]