The funny thing about life is... not matter what stage you are at, there are still things that you are not happy about. Yesterday was one of those days where I feel like running away to somewhere far and ignore all the responsibilities and stress in my life. To walk away from all responsibilities is an extremely selfish thing to do.I know everyone has those days, but I wish and hope in the near future days i would have less of these selfish days.

Running away is never an option. People who are unable to find ways to cope with the difficulties in their life will end up depress. I can understand why some people would chose to run, because running seems to be the only thing that can make you feel normal or content for that moment of chaos.

After work I went home and smuttered Butters (One of my puppies). I know they are just a dog, but they are one of the only things i look forward to seeing at the end of the day. My mom thinks i am crazy because i am so attach to my dogs. Sometimes i wish they can stay puppies forever.

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