We all have someone who inspires us. As humans we have the ability to learn. It is very important that we are learning from the right people. Often we are inspired by people who reminds us of who we are or want to be. These last couple of years I've had the privileged of meeting a lot of different people, allowing me to share and inspire other people. Being able to connect with someone you admire is a very wonderful experience, but it is important to remember no one is perfect. Idolizing someone can often lead to disappointment because we are expecting too much. If we all understand that as a human we make mistake and their are things in life we can't take back, we can better our self by opening our minds.

Learn from one's positivity and not obsess the mistakes in life they have done. If they never made those mistakes they can't be who they are today. Give credit for their ability to fall and getting back up.

We all have someone who we admit, and as do I. I blog about Queenie a couple of times, and i find that the reason i am so inspired by her is because she is constantly using her popularity to spread love. Some people might disagree with me because Queenie is very honest about her beauty. She has had plastic surgery and she is not afraid to admit it. Whenever there are someone who brings up the subject Plastic surgery there is always people who will criticize and make it seem like their point of view is more important than yours because they don't see the world as you do.

I admire Queenie's honesty and creativity. I admire her passion for art and humble attitude. I admire her willingness to help promote love and laughter instead of just making video for money. (She is not a youtube partner, but she is well qualified.)

Don't idolize those who promotes Evil, but those who can bring peace and positivity in your life.

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