My dreams are finally starting to take place! The first couple of years of owning a business is always a struggle. You find yourself in dept and constantly solving issues that you didn't think would happen. Overall you probably lose a lot more than you can gain back. Pretty&Cute has been a very hard struggle for me. Before it was just me, success or failure was only a burden on me. But since others joined me in running Pretty&Cute i have a duty to keep this business running for their sake and hard work. I practically started out with nothing. I am so grateful for having all of this. Even though we are not a big big business, but the fact that people believe in me and support my dreams is more than anything i can ever ask for. I have always told myself that being able to inspire others is a beautiful blessing. I rather sleep less, eat less, than to let someone who believes in me down.

Donating to charity has always been something i want to do. I feel so helpless and weak when i hear tragedy and unable to help. Pretty&Cute is finally starting to make a little bit of profit. It's really not how much we make, but how much we can help others. Of course we can't do this alone. Without our customers supporting our decision we won't have anything to donate. I just hope before the year ends we are able to get more recognition. The more we make the more we can donate. Hopefully one day we can even establish a scholarship. I dream of influence those to do good and make this place a little bit brighter. I am so happy and excited that someone who once needed charity is now able to be the one who is donating to charity. Thank you thank you thank you.


  1. This post is so inspiring! I love your store and I'm hoping to someday sell things online myself but right now it seems like such a far off dream but hearing stories like yours really keep me motivated to stay on track and try achieve it. I'm so happy that your store has taken off and that your achieving what you hoped for! Your such a nice person =) ~May the most you wish for be the least you get~

  2. It's so great that you want to give back to the community. :) I think that most people, once they become a success, forget about where they started from and don't feel a need to give back and that's what makes you special. <3

    I'm also excited to hear that P&C is finally starting to take off for you. :) I hope that in the years to come it only becomes bigger and more successful. Sending lots of love your way <3 :D

  3. Thank you guys~! Your support and encouragement means the world to me <33

  4. That's great news! Good luck! :)