Circle lens bad image.

We are all a little frustrated with the whole circle lens controversy. The article that NYT has published not only brought circle lens a bad name, but also made Asians look bad. I read comments like, stupid, retarded, and even racial put downs. The article made Asians seem careless, money hungry, and irresponsible to people’s health concerns. When I was first asked to do an interview with them, I knew this will hurt our image more than it will help people understand circle lens. My friends told me to do the interview. This will get you recognized. This will help get Pretty&Cute out there. For a split second I was overwhelmed by the possibility of fame. I consider doing it for the sake of free advertisement. I picked up my phone and started dialing. As I dialed the first 4 numbers, I quickly hung up the phone. No fame is worth humiliating my own ethnic background over.
As for what I think about circle lens being banned? I think we all anticipated this to happen, but wasn’t sure when it was going to happen. Personally I don’t think this will affect the regular consumer much. The worst comes to worst is that circle lenses are no longer allowed to be distribute into the United States, and circle lens buyers will have to purchase them from authorized countries for them. Security at customs will probably stop packages from coming into the state, so sellers might not be willing to ship to the U.S due to the fact they will have to lose money if package was destroyed. I am sure there are ways around it.
I contacted several circle lens manufactures to ask if they were aware of the negative media in the United States. Several of them have already stopped distributing to the U.S and others strongly stated they were not ready to pursuit the U.S market yet, but the fact that their customer is re-selling to the U.S is a big problem for them. They will enforce stronger restrictions on controlling lenses being disrupted.
Out of all the manufactures I contacted, GEO was the only one who asked me to share my views and if I can offer any advice. This gives me the impression that GEO does care about their customers, and want to solve this as much as we do.
I replied to GEO stating that I think their requirement to become a GEO ambassador is too low. Anyone can sell for them as long as they meet the low minimum requirement. This allows young girls who have no idea what they are doing to distribute lenses. This is why the U.S government is having such a big problem with. Young girls are selling lenses at the minimum floor price so they can buy cheaper lenses. They don’t teach their customers how to put on lenses nor do they care how long people wear their lenses. If circle lens manufactures still want to pursuit the US market, they really have to be more careful who they are selling the lenses to and who is representing them.


  1. I hate the media.
    You're doing a great thing, & I hope it will change people's image on circle lenses.

  2. You really are inspirational. I actually blogged a few weeks ago about how my favorite bloggers are accepting these interviews for publicity. They themselves are circle lens-lovers, yet they choose to help those reporters spread negative words. The bloggers even posted links to the online articles saying how happy they were to have been interviewed. Only Michelle Phan admitted that NYT twisted her words. It's people like you and Michelle Phan that I admire.

  3. I'm glad you did the right thing Janie-chan! I can't believe they made it seem like it is a recent trend and developed after Bad Romance. Now Americans will not shake the image that Asians want to change how they look like to maybe look "white" and ashamed of who we are! It's been around for a while, but through great vendors such as yourself, you educate people how to be safe with lenses. So I don't know what the media is talking about. At least they can't warp your words now to make you sound evil. Hope the best for you, P&C, and Asians everywhere~

  4. I enjoyed reading this post...

    there's a lot I want to say but I don't think it'll come across the way I want to to...

    but yah... I agree w/ the things you said in the post ^^