Striving to be positive

They tell me it's a man's world and I will not succeed because business is a man's game. They push me, test me, break me down and make me weak. They shut me out from their world cutting all ties for help. They laugh at my dreams and joke of my failure. They judge me and criticize what I do by stereotyping where I am from. The fact that my blood is different from theirs makes me less superior. Now I know they fear me. The fact that my name even caught their attention means I have already step foot into their world.

Because I am not a man I am destined to fail? History has already proved them wrong, and my success will be another reminder that whatever a man can do a woman can do just as well.

I started out with nothing and I have nothing to lose. I want to make a difference not only for myself, but for my family and all those who believes in me.

Even if the world turns against me and no one will lend me a hand to help, i will still fight.

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