Our actions reflects those who raised us.

I am pretty active on forums and youtube. Mainly because I like reading the things people have to say on certain subjects. I don’t know how many of you are like me who likes to compare both sides of the story before making a comment. If it’s something I am not familiar with I rather not comment at all. Sometimes I find myself frustrated because instead of reading good remarks I am stuck reading a bunch of rude and dumb opinions before I get to an educated thoughtful one. It kind of makes you stop and wonder, do people really like embarrassing themselves or do they seriously believe what they are writing. I often told my brother that our action doesn’t only reflect who we are but also the people who raised us. If not for ourselves we should at least give credit for our single mother’s hard work in raising good kids.

We are all guilty of taking god for granted. We are given the ability to speak and the knowledge to write to better ourselves as a human, but yet we use these tools to hurt one another. I have read so many insults, put downs, and hurtful words and in the end people always say “this is just my own opinion.” By saying those 6 words after a very rude statement does not mean you are entitle to make those comments because in all honesty everything we say should be able to be backed up by facts. We all go to school to learn because knowledge is power. It allows us to comment and state things to share our knowledge. By spreading knowledge that you are unsure about will only create more false facts that people who don’t know any better will continue spreading because they trust you. Our elders are our teachers. They do their best to teach us from their experiences. The reason why we respect our elders because they have experience more in life than we have, so why we become elders we can do the same for our next generation. Imagine the world without respect, without knowledge, and without hope. How scary and miserable that would be? I know we all say things without thinking the consequences of our own action, but next time before we write something rude or that can possibly offend someone, stop and think about it. Ask yourself, do you know enough about this subject to make a comment on?

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