A lot of my cousins are getting married this year. It's seems like the logical thing to do around our age. More and more relatives are starting to ask, "When is it your turn?" My first reaction is, "None of your business!" But I would respectfully reply, "Not any time soon ^_^."

I feel like marriage is one of the last things on my to-do list. I feel like there is so much I haven done. I haven’t brought my mom a house, I haven’t put my brother through school, and I haven’t found the courage to become a mother yet. Marriage is closely related to motherhood, and I guess I am not ready for it. I am sure there is a psychological explanation for my refusal to wed, but I am okay with it. Everlasting marriage are hard to come by these days, especially when the world is over populated and so much temptation around us. Can’t really expect every relationship is happily ever after. If I had a choice I would adopt a child, raise him or her, than find my soul mate to grow old with. By than life would be too short for someone to commit adultery. I’ve always thought Elderly love was the cutest thing ever. Maybe that could be me one day.

My point of views isn’t agreed by everyone, and I don’t expect everyone to understand. Some people will say I have my priorities straight, some will say wow this girl has problems, but to me this is how I want to live my life.

We shouldn’t feel like we are ill or messed up in the head because we have our own sets of belief. Things happen for a reason and since what happened has happened and we can’t change it, which means it was a part of God’s plan for us. Who are they to judge god’s plan? We are a very intelligent species we will learn and capable of change if we realize we are wrong. It is a part of growing up. Give opinions but don’t force your own beliefs on someone else.

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