G-208 Candy Colors Blue review

I love this series! It has been awhile since I've been excited about a circle lens series. The Candy color series lens are really well designed. At first the series look like Seeshells to me but with a thicker rim, but the effect is no where close to seeshells. Seeshells or should i say DizonEyes has a very dull looking color, while the G-208's colors really pop. I really like how the blue shows up on my incredibly dark eyes, while enlarging them at the same time. However, this kind of blue might not be suitable for people who are looking for a lighter color blue for a more barbie look. They are a deep sea blue color. Blue lenses are usually very unnatural looking on me, but these ones works really well with my makeup. I did a tutorial wearing them today and i couldn't stop looking at them. The whole time i was thinking how pretty these lens were. I usually give a review after i have tested the lens for 6-8 hours. It gives me enough time to determine if they are good for girls who are still in school to wear. Like the pink lens they are very comfortable. I have no complaints of them yet.


  1. pretty as usual :)
    at first, i didnt like this series as i thought it was too simple. lol but i want to try them now xD

  2. love this lenses! *-*
    and you, look cute, as always <333