I've always been very pale. It's not that i intentionally avoid the sun, maybe it's because i am always working and the sun seems to be busy when I'm free.

My brother is also very light skinned, but unlike me he is able to tan when he goes outside. I on the other hand just look bruised when the sun hits me.

My little brother lives with me. Raising a kid can be expensive, especially when you have as many hobbies as my brother. By having my brother live with me, i can help take some responsibility off my mother's hand. I try to give my brother the life that i never had.

When we were growing up, we were not allowed to have dogs. My mom thought it was cruel to have a pet, but yet not be able to support it. My brother and I were big dog lovers, so now that I am grown up I try to fulfill our childhood dream of owning dogs. Peanut is pretty much his dog, but he is still my one and only big baby Peanut.

My brother and I venture to Costco every weekend. We enjoy Costco. ^_^
Costco was doing a fundraiser for Childrens' Miracle Network. They had a big see through box in the middle of the room as you exit. As we were leaving i put in $50 dollars. I walked off smiling and feeling good about what i did. I turn to find my brother was no where to be found. I waited for him outside of Costco. The little brat walks out 2 minutes later with a smirk on his face and a t-shirt in his hand. I asked him where he went and when did he buy that shirt. He told me he donated $10 to CMN and they gave him a shirt.

To be honest, i was kind jealous that he got a shirt. I told him I donated $50 dollars as well. After stating i have donated, he gave me a confuse look. He asked me, "Where is your shirt?"

I replied, "I didn't get a shirt. I dropped it in that big box in there."
He said, "The box that was full of dollars?"
I replied, "Yes?"

He then patted me on the head like i was a little kid and said, "The reason why that box is full of dollars is because the smart people who donates more than a dollar got a shirt with their donation."

I quickly moved away and yelled, "Hey! I'm smart. I didn't want a shirt!"
He replied, "Well if no one see you donate, did you really donate? The truth is only the truth when you have something to prove it's the truth."

I thought to myself, err this little bugger is right. My words are meaningless if i don't have something to back it up with.

I commanded my brother to put the stuff in the car, and i had to use the restroom. He gave me a smirk and did as i said.

I walked towards the restroom, than when my brother was out of sight i went to look for the CMN booth. I found them about 20 ft away from the big see through box. I guess i wasn't paying attention as i walked by them the first time.

I went up to one of the staff and asked, "Hey... my brother just donated $10 dollars and he got a t-shirt. Ha ha, well you see I ... didn't know you get t-shirts when you donated at least $10 dollars... I was wondering..."

Before I could finish my sentence. I saw my brother from afar laughing his head off at me. My face turned bright red with embarrassment. I was so mad at my brother i walked off without finishing my conversation with the nice man and went chasing after him.

After I beat him up, we went to have lunch with my mom. Of course my brother brought out the t-shirt and bragged about how he donated. My mom was very pleased with him. I set back and glared at him. My mom asked if I had donated anything. Before i could answer, my brother replied to my mom, "She didn't donate because she doesn't have a shirt."

My mom then turned to me and told me to learn from my little brother. ERRRRR
I argued back, "I did donate!" She quickly dismissed my seriousness and comforts me by saying "Okay okay, you donated."

I was so mad I couldn't eat. This got me thinking. If someone does a good deed, but no one knows he did a good deed; did he really do a good deed? That question puzzled me. I've always thought that donating and doing good was simply an act of kindness. It really doesn't need to be shared with the world. Now that my brother has crudely brained washed me into his world, I am not sure if what i used to believe is right anymore. It's not that I care if people know i donated, but I do care if they think I didn't donate! What if it was something serious? I don't think i can handle being singled out as the person who didn't donate.

The next morning I marched back to Costco and donated another $50 dollars. I walked out of the store with 5 T-shirts and a calender. =)

I gave him the calendar as a gift and made him find 5 homeless person to give the T-shirts to.

I showed him.... ;P


  1. aw that's sweet of you but ya know it's okay to donate and be anonymous about it. there's no need to prove it. it's all karma =D

  2. lolol! i think your comment on whether or not a good deed is deemed worthy or truthful if no one sees it is like the question where, if a tree falls in the middle of a forest and no one hears or sees it, did the tree really fall?

    i think its all perception.

  3. LMAO!!! this was really funny!!!!

    i think you were donating with good intents && not trying receive anything in return

    but your brother bought out your competitive streak =p
    && you had to spite him lol

    at least the first $50 were donated selflessly && the other $50 ... was bonus =p