Not another beauty blog

Most people expects my blog to be a beauty blog. Perhaps because i own a beauty shop, so why not a beauty blog?

I think i spend more time reading beauty blogs than anything. It takes up 75% of my free time which i don't have a lot of lol.

There are a lot of girls out there who have a lot of interesting things to say about cosmetics and fashion. I feel like they already do a great job of it, why give people mix reviews? Of course everyone have their own opinion on products, but as for my opinion is kinda bias. If i like a product i probably end up trying to sell it at my shop. What i think about the product will be in the descriptions. It kinda defeats the purpose of having a beauty blog.

I love writing, I've always loved it. It allows me to gather my thoughts. I have been told that my writing is some what inspiring, so i thought i would share some of it on here. It's not your everyday makeup blog, but for those who wish to know me a little bit more can read their way into my world and take a glimpse of my life.

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