Lens Review: Flower Brown

I've got these lenses back when i first introduced EOS lenses to my customers. GEO lenses were getting very boring for me due to the limited styles they had and lack of variation. EOS on the other hand had a lot more styles and colors. It was like walking into a whole new candy store. My first EOS lenses were all the 14.5mm lenses. I thought to myself, if i liked what my eyes looked like in 14.00 than 14.5mm must make my eyes look even better.

I was correct! I do like my eyes in 14.5mm lenses more. Maybe t's because my eye size are medium to large. It is much easier to pull off the big dolly eye look. I have tried the 18mm lenses, they were too big for me. I learned that it's not about the size, but the size that fits you the best. My size range just happens to be 14.00~14.5.

I ordered EOS flower brown after i collected all the EOS 4.5mm lenses. EOS flower brown is a 14.0mm lens. They looked intriguing to me. The design was different, and i love brown lenses. I was so excited when i first got them. It felt like receiving my first pair of circle lens again.

I haven't had a chance to open them until now. I love them very much. The size however, is a little hard to get use to. I been wearing 14.5mm lenses for so long i can tell the difference. The picture on the left is what it looks like without flash. It 's very pretty. You can tell by the design that it's very illustrated and blends very well. I wore it for about 9 hours that day and than add eye drops to help with the dryness. I continue wearing them through a 3 hour long movie, and than i let my eyes rest from the lens.

The lens was very comfortable, even after i exhausted them in my eyes. Keep in mind that circle lens were only meant to be worn for 6-8 hours due to the thickness of the lens. I on the other hand, are doing it to test out the comfort level so i can do a review on them. Personally i would not wear them for more than 6 hours on a regular non lens testing day.

This is what the lens looks like with flash. You can see the color pattern of the lens a little bit more. The greenish brown part really gives your eyes that extra shine when in the day light. It adds sparkles in your eyes when you least expects it. I really like brown lenses. I look very innocent when i have brown lenses on. I especially like lenses that gives me the watery eye effect. It really boost the ulzzang look. I have recommended these lenses to my customer's before, but due to the fact they are not as popular as other EOS lenses and the size of the lens, they turned it down. Perhaps my review can get people to be brave and try new things. I to would like to see reviews on lenses that people have not already reviewed 10,0000 times. I hope this review helped some of you who had consider flower series, but didn't quite get that encouragement from reviews. They are lovely lenses! I can't wait to receive the Flower series Pink to review.

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  1. hello! i love your blog! do you know where i could get these lenses? i tried the prettyandcute website but i could not find them. i would really like to purchase them! thanks!