The grass is always greener on the other side

Stress is an unavoidable event that everyone experiences. Regardless of what stage we are in life, if we experience ups we must experience down. No one can go through life without experiencing a fall. Falling is the only way we can learn to get back up. When I was experiencing one of the lowest points of my life, someone told me that god was preparing me for something far more difficult than what I've experienced up till then. If I don't experience weakness I won't find the strength to accomplish the task he has for me.
I often get emails from people asking me for advice in business, but I usually turn them down. Whenever you say no to someone there is always that chance the person you are saying no to will take it the wrong way. I remember someone once asked me for my list of vendors because they were too lazy to do research themselves. I replied to her, "it is better to walk the extra mile and find them on your own because when no one is around to help you, you won't be able to hold your business up." She did not like my answer. Instead of taking my advice, she wrote me a really angry email calling me stuck up and that I didn't deserve any ounce of success. I never replied to her, I didn't know what to say. I would be lying if I told you what she said did not upset me.
I don't teach or give advice not because I am stuck up or think I am better than anyone. I simply don't think I am qualified enough to do so. Everything I've done, anyone can do. If I must give advice, this blog is the best advice I can give.
The title of "business owner" has such a misinterpreted meaning.
"She is a business owner. She must makes tons of money, but she is really selfish. I asked her to send me products to review, but she ignored me."
"Yeah, I agree she seems like a ditz. People like her probably don't even know the meaning of struggle."
Those are actual things people say about me. It seems like the more people don't know you, the more they think they know you. Sometimes I feel like I must write down every single experience I've gone through for people to accept me as a human being.
To many, owning a business seems to be so grand. Having a business is like a gamble, one minute you can be on top of the world and another minute you could be tumbling down. Owning a business takes so much energy. It takes so much patience and time. I can't seem to say this enough, there is a balance to everything. In order to gain success you must trade it with sacrifice. Time is one of the biggest enemy in the business world. No matter how much time you set aside, it never seems enough. Soon you will start trading your time with friends and family to maintain the time you lost, but even than is not enough. You start sacrificing sleep just

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