Shopaholic me

There are girls out there who are very detail and think everything through before doing. They only buy when there is a sale, and yet still bring home good stuff. We call these girls Safe Shoppers.

There are girls out there who are filled with imagination and able to connect colors and patterns with just one wink of their eyes. They don’t wait for sales, because they can find a instant connection with almost anything they set their eyes on. We call these girls shopaholics.

I am a Shopaholic. I can find a reason to buy anything and everything. I am the type who believes everything i buy at the store or online is the love of my life. Being a shopaholic has it’s Pros and Cons. Pros are that we are able to snoop out some of the best stuff. The Cons… well you already know there are more Cons to being a shopaholic than Pros.

The worst part of being a shopaholic is the credit card bills we tend to rank up after each time we shop. Luckily that isn’t my biggest problem. I am pretty good at paying my minimum dues. ^_^

My biggest problem as a shopaholic is unable to be satisfied by the things that i buy. They say grass is always greener on the other side, i guess that is true for shopping as well. Things always look better at the store.

It’s not that the product isn’t good. I simply wasn’t able to find that lust i had when i was at the store. This is a big problem. I have endless amount of stuff at my house, which some are identical.

Now, i know what you are thinking… “Janie needs help”…

I agree with you! Well, up until two days ago.

I have always been a big fan of Decoden. I just never really consider doing it because of how hard it looks. After spending 12 Hours of photoshooting the super adorable Decoden parts, i decided to try it. I picked up one of the hundreds of compact mirrors i have and started to add Gems to it. I picked one of the older ones, the ones that the words are starting to fade. Since it’s my first time, if i mess up i wouldn’t be too upset at myself for losing one of my prize possessions.

Being new as i was, the project tooked me 10 minutes. There wasn’t much thought to it, it explains the lack of creativity. After i made it, i let it sit so the glue can dry. I placed it infront of my desk and went on with my work. I wasn’t able to keep 100% focus to my work. I found myself constantly staring at it. This old mirror is actually my latest obsession. Can you believe it? I bring it every where i go, and when ever i take it out, someone always offered to buy it.

I guess this is my little advice for all you Pretty&Cute shopaholics out there. Find a way to reconnect with your stuffs. Personalize that one item which everyone could get at the store to one and only special edition item only you can have. This makes shopping extra special.

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