I have been really stressed lately with the new site and taxes. My skin looks HORRIBLE! The lack of sleep doesn't help either. When i break out i break out in rashes. My face is cover with rash. I have tried everything and nothing seems to help. Last night when i was in the shower, i saw a bottle of Lioele A.C Mousse Cleanser was in my bath tub. I guess my brother decided to open one cuz he was breaking out with zits (teenagers). Since it's already open i thought i would try it. I honestly thought it was only for pimples and zits, but surprisingly my rash has gone down. My face is not as read and i actually look like a normal person. My rash isn't completely 100% gone yet, but i just wanna share how amazing my first time was. It does help dealing with stress when you look your best. ^_^

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