Speaking Out

I read something to day that really upset me. Usually when I read something that is upsetting or I don't agree with I just simply hit the [x] button and hopefully someone who isn't in my position will say something humanly.

We live in a society which is governed by class. People have different status due to the amount of income they bring in. If you were lucky you could be born into a wealthy class, but for the unlucky ones they have to work hard to earn that status.

For those who are not so lucky, they tend to work harder to earn what they never had. There are those who achieve the goal of reaching to the top, but once they get there, they realize they are no longer accepted by the very people who once shared the same dream as them.

They will call you a sellout, spoiled, greedy, fake, and other hurtful names to get you down. They simply don' t believe you deserve where you are at because they are not there as well.

Today I did research on skin care products. As a beauty store owner I often have to do research on latest trends and possible products I can introduce to my customers. As I was browsing and landed on a page that had a link titled "IQQU Skin Care."

The link took me to soompi's beauty forum. I am not a stranger to Soompi, I was a very active member of their circle lens review forum. As most of you know IQQU Skin Care is created by Michelle Phan. As a friend and a fan I was curious of what this forum had to say about her products.

To my surprise the forum was mostly personal attacks to Michelle and not much of the product at all. I was especially surprised by how disrespectful some people were by talking about her parents. I am sure Michelle blogged about her childhood and her personal experience with her parents to educate people about growing up in hardship. How can anyone turn something so tragic and use it to hurt someone who was strong enough to live through it? Another comment which made me mad was how one person said, "Now Michelle is welled off, she often say she donates to charity, but who knows if she really does it .The person continue to dismiss Michelle's good deed and her reasoning behind her assumption was because she doesn't know her and who knows if she is lying or not. If you don't know her, why judge her?

As I continued reading, I saw a post made by Michelle. She gracefully stood up for her business and ask people not to talk about her parents. In my opinion she handled all the attacks every professionally. I was actually applauding her for speaking out and protect her family from these people who supposedly hate her but follows her every move. After her explanation I thought it was certain she has clear any rumor or misconception people had of her. Not only did her situation didn't get any better, it is now worse because people are attacking her even more knowing she is reading. They said she was defensive, and she shouldn't be so upset that people are talking about her. It really low of her to do so and she should be more classy.
After reading that I was so heated, I stood up and took a deep breath. I was astound that people can continue to hurt someone after the person they were hurting comes forth and ask you to stop because what you said was very hurtful.
I was very offended. It felt like a personal attack because something similar had happened to me. At that time someone had criticized me of being defensive because I spoke out. They also used the Example of "Do you see Michelle Phan speaking out to every complaint of people who didn't like her videos."
How do these people expect us to handle it? You started disrespecting us on a public forum . You use the information we share with you to attack not only us but the people we care about , but yet expects us not to say anything. Please educated me on when has it become "Childish" for someone to reply to a post that is about them? If someone was attacking my mom because they did not like something I did or something they don't like about my business I will say something. I will make sure I reply to every single statement made about my mom on that forum so everyone can see and not to hurt the person who gave me life ever again.
It's okay you don't like us. It's okay if you don't consider our blessing as a sign of hard work, but you cannot attack someone's parent and justified your rude behavior as an opinion. There is one thing that did not surprise me, and that was the girl who continue to make herself sound disrespectful and rude was the same girl who had the same opinion about me.
Now back the question of should we reply to these insane accusations? If the comments were made by that girl who seems to have an opinion about everyone but herself, probably not. I guess in order to have a say in these kind of situations you have to 1) agree with her 2) be an active member of the forum 3) Have an opinion about every post so your post count is high. After all of that, then you may say something. If you are a new member she will dismiss your opinion and accuse you of being the person that is being talked about trying to stick up for yourself.
Michelle has thousands of Fans, how naive are you to think that they all have Soompi accounts? How Naive of you to think that everyone is wrong if they don't think the same way you do?
I drove home debating if I should blog about this. I had hope the 40 minute drive home would calm me down. It's not in my best interest to offend anyone. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to write. A couple of days ago I read a similar post from a customer who read a bad reviews about P&C and wrote a long post sticking up for us. Her post made me cry because often our hard work is unnoticed. If anything goes wrong, I am usually the person to blame. I fully accept all responsibilities and I am willing to do anything I can to make the situation better, but often times I am pushed away from that chance. Beth my dear, you are the reason I am writing. If writing on my own blog about people I care about is not permitted, than why do I have a blog for?
We often dismiss one's hard work based on what we've done, but not everyone's experiences are equal and we can't disregard one's success because of our own failure. Jealousy and hate fill our heart and we try to rationalize our behavior by saying we are only stating our own opinion. Our opinion should only be accounted for when we believe what we know is be truth. If others provide explanation and other factors to the situation and we fail to acknowledge then our opinion turns into ignorance.


  1. Wow, I didn't know Michelle Phan was the creator of IQQU... I personally don't know her but I admire her a lot: from where I am I still have a lot to accomplish if I wanna come up with something like her, I mean reaching success.

    You're right, people are just jealous, all above those who directly attack her, they seriously have a problem with their ego, and they seriously need to question themselves before speaking out, even go see a psychologist =S

    I understand how frustrating it can be, but I guess the best thing to do is ignoring. If you know who you are then no need to explain yourself, all above to people that personally don't know you. It's a waste of time. Keep ignoring like you always do, for you won't gain anything from those kind of people except frustration, and you certainly have better to do and to focus on =)

    Good Luck ^^

  2. A friend of mine purchased 2 of IQQU products (Jasmine rice scrub and acne serum) and had a severe breakout as a result. She inquired Michelle about it via facebook and asked her if the two were FDA approved. Michelle claimed that they were, but I heard from other people online that they were not. So I did my research, and turns out that 3 of her IQQU products are not FDA approved and the rice scrub was not even submitted!

    I urged her to call the FDA to straighten out the matter, and turns out that they were drugs, rather than cosmetics, and along with the rice scrub and the acne serum, two types of her sunscreen are also not FDA approved, but Michelle adamantly claims they are.

    Because of that, I've come to grow weary of her business.