My mom

My mom is the most important person in my life. She is the only reason why i work so hard. Sometimes i think my mission in this world is to save her.

When we read or hear about something sad or tragic happening to someone, we tend to have an urge to help. It doesn't matter if it is small donation or a simple letter for support. As a human being we feel for others who are in trouble, but since we only know what we read or heard, the things we can do are minimum. What if the tragic thing you read or heard about was happening to someone you love? What would you do then?

Ever since i can remember, i have always wanted to grow up faster to protect my mom. Her life is like a never ending sad story. With each chapter of her life, the unfortunate always seems to find her. Even with her struggles in life my mom has always been a very optimistic person. To put on a happy face after something terrible has happen is one of the hardest things to do. That was her only way of teaching me and my brother optimistism.

Education was never an option for the poor, but it was something my mom wanted very much for me. For me she can sacrifice, for me she can continue to live in this novel of endless torments, for me she can sacrifice her happiness, for me she can sacrifice her life. If I can make a deal with god to take over whatever karma she has on her from her past life, I would.

Everyone deserves to be happy at least once in their life. My mom is 50 years old, when will it finally be her turn? Sometimes i put a lot of stress on myself for not being able to work harder and make everything sooner faster. Knowing time was a very precious and possibly the most valuable thing I grew impatient of my success.

My mom called me today and told me she was unhappy. It broke my heart to hear how unhappy she was. She feels dumb because she couldn't adapt to her new job. I've told her many times to quit her job and move in with me. I will work a 3rd Job if I had to. She refuses to come. She insists on thinking she will only be in the way when I get married. But little does she know, one of my requirements in looking for a boyfriend/husband is that he has to be able to understand my need to continue being the main provider of my family and accepts them as his own family. I can careless if he is the love of my life and the richest man in the world, if you want to marry me, you have to accept the fact my mom will always be there.

My mother isn’t some irrational woman who wants to take over everything. She is the nicest person anyone can meet. I am confident that I will find a man who can love my mother as much as he loves me, but for now my only concern Is her happiness. I wish I there were more hours in the day to make that 3rd job possible.

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