Little bit goes a long way

Everyday after work i would take the same rout home. There is this old man who is always standing at one of the lights i so happen to get stopped at OFTEN. At first i avoided eye contacts with him. If i don't see him he won't see me...

After so many days of being the first car in front of the red light it was really obvious that he recognize me. He gives me a very guilty look every time i was there. One day i decided to do something about it.

I slowly rolled down my window.... and he slowly got up ... as he walks closer to my car, i screamed "STOP STARING AT ME!" and I threw a dollar out the window and drove away.

As i drove away i can clearly see him laughing at me. At that point i was no long afraid. I thought to myself, i wonder how many of his days of standing in the streets he is able to laugh like that.

Since that day on, when ever my car so happens to stop at that light i give him a dollar. I no longer yell out the window, but with each dollar i give him i would remind him to spend it on food and nothing bad. He would smile at me and thank me graciously.

I know a lot of people think it's wrong that i am supporting the homeless by giving them money, but in my mind it is even more wrong for me to judge someone and refuse to help.

I continue to practice my unusual friendship with him for about a year. I no longer see him at that red light anymore. It has been a month now. Every time I drop by i can't help to wonder if he finally got some help or something went terribly wrong.

I should of gotten his name........

We should treat everyone that comes into our lives with respect no matter what status they have in society. Age is something we can't avoid. We only get older and not younger. I should of done more to help him instead of waiting for help to find him. We can't estimate how much time each person has in this world. We can only do our best to make sure if today was their last day it would be one they won't regret spending.


  1. Janie! This is so beautiful! I'm sure that he is happy that someone is thinking about him.

  2. Hahaha whaat!! I'm sorry I can't help but laugh that you yelled at him to stop staring at you AND then threw a dollar at him. I'm not making fun of you! I think that was cute! <3