Every Lie you have told, every gain you took without earning, every drop of hate you have spread, every kindness you do not repay, all the teaching you’ve ignored. All these Sin will soon catch up to you. Beauty can be easily tainted by selfishness. The way of life is balanced, in one way or another what is owed must be repaid.

People often thinks if you can get away with taking something that you did not truly earn, you simply don't have to pay back. We are all guilty of this one way or another. In most cases, we are forced by society to become a certain way to survive. Even so, we cannot forget what we borrowed and we must repay when we can. It can be anything from a simple smile to something you took that you didn't buy.

I have met so many people who takes too much credit for what they have accomplish, but in all honesty one's success is not all done by one person.

Survival, you survived by your parents unconditional love and care until you are able to adapt
Education, you got because of teachers and funding by the people who are in your town
Popularity, your popularity is only so by the people who like
Business owners, your customers, workers, supporters, and people who advice you helped you achieve this status
There isn't one thing in life you can take 100% credit for.
Learn to be humble
Learn to be fair
Learn to share kindness, and maybe we can start changing this world we call home into a more beautiful place to live in.

Start giving back by teaching others to do good.


  1. Got to your blog because Jen was sweet enough to link us to it on her twitter. :) Just wanted to say hi and that I definitely agree. It sort of reminds me of that one story about 3 scientists who worked on antibiotics but there was only TWO noble prizes to be given, well, we all knew what happened.

    But. great post! I think we all need some reminder every now and then, even if some of us down to earth for the most part, it's just hard to not think a little too much of ourselves every now and then. :) Thanks Janie!

  2. awwie thanks Jen and Sunnipinky~

    Jen is one of the nicest humble person i know!

    And i absolutely agree with you Sunnipinky~ We all need a little reminder once in awhile. My post are more to remind myself to not take life granted more than trying to tell how people should live their lives. hehe after all we all make our own choices, and either they agree or disagree there is no harm in a little reminder right? ^_^