Collect Call from Jail

I just got a collect call from lane county corrections facility. They called my office phone. When i heard it was from a correctional facility i immediately thought Rich did something stupid and got himself arrested. I was so mad my face started turning red. I punched the #1 key with my finger to accept, and i was ready to unleash every vulgar word i have ever learned....Then some creepy old guy by the name i think was Carol telling me to tell Kevin he is in Jail and for him to go see him. I was like, i think you got the wrong number. He repeated my office number to me, and i freaked out and hung up. I FEEL TERRIBLE! before i accepted the call the operator lady was like He only has 1 call and won't be able to call again! AHHHH i am responsible for this man to be stuck in jail until tomorrow. >.<

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