My myspace got deleted again. I think this is the 4th time? Sigh i guess i am use to it. Why do myspace accounts get deleted? Well it's a violation of myspace if you sell stuff on your profile. There are so many shops on myspace, why did yours get deleted? My myspace got deleted because someone constantly reporting me.

One person's success brings another person pain. If you think my myspace the reason why you don't have as much business as you should be, than you have problems. I do appreciate how highly you think of me. Am i really that much of a threat?

Anyways i am use to my myspace getting deleted, it's really nothing new. I am on facebook most of the time now anyways. If you want to stay in touch add me on facebook ^_^

This video caught my attention today. I really love this channel. Queenie is my hero. I love how outspoken she is about her love for youth and beauty. We all want it, but most of us are too afraid to admit it and do anything about it. We all understand beauty is pain, but that is not we are afraid of. We are mostly afraid of how other people view us. I do agree beauty is natural, but aging isn't something we can control. Why do you think the cosmetic industry makes so much money?

If my face starts to show signs of aging i and if i have the money i would get this done. Being Shallow is such a harsh word to call someone when you don't know how that Shallow person is feeling. Not everyone has the same opinion nor do everyone goes through the same situation.


  1. Oh my...if someone is really that jealous of you, they seriously have a problem. I think that's the same thing might have happened when PayPal called me and asked me about your business. I think someone might have kept reporting you :(
    Luckily I thought faster and told them I bought accessories and there is nothing weird about your shop :)
    Grr...people like that make me mad. But you are successful even without your MySpace, so I don't believe that it is going to harm you anyway.

    Best to you~

  2. Wow, I don't think I could ever get anything injected in my face. >.< Looks scary! I had to skip that part in the video!