Girl's and our silly thoughts

I realize something really silly that i do. My weight will flextuate because i sometimes get out of controll eating. For example... Sushi Night >.<

When i step on the scale a week or two later the first thing that cross my mind when i see that i have gain weight is, Oh maybe i am pregnant. Keep in mind i am not married nor am i in a intimate relationship with anyone. It's like we automatically make up silly excuses for the bad things we have done like gaining weight. I mean i don't know how many girls do this out there, but this is my own realization lol. I need to cut it out and take responsibility for my own actions.

On another note, Lioele is coming in 3 days. This is a really big deal for me. I can't tell you guys yet, but it's big and i don't want to jinks it.

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