E.L.F lipgloss

So lately I've been hearing a lot of hype about E.L.F cosmetic and how cheap they are. I decided to test out the product. I mean how can you beat a buck for makeup right? Well i got my package a couple of days again and i was very disappointed. I usually don't give bad reviews because i am a business owner myself, but i decide to write about it this time. I got the lip gloss package. I was not happy at all. When i got the package the package was torn up. It was not professionally wrapped at all. That doesn't even matter because it's not 100% their fault. The post office had a fault in it, but if they spend more money on better shipping materials this wouldn't happen.

When i got the products i was excited because cheap and good quality makeup? I don't believe! Well it was too good to be true. The lip gloss was very disappointing. The color wasn't pigmented enough. I understand sometimes lip gloss needs a couple of coats to look nice, but i put 7 coats on and my lips was still like i have put nothing on. This is one product i don't recommned anyone to buy.

I also buy nail polish. The polish i do like. You can get better quality nail polish for a dollar. I got 10 colors of the nail polish.

I will do a nail tutorial very soon. I am waiting for all my decorden stuff to get here. We got in the fruit slices. Super cute. It's a bit hard to cut but i'm sure with practice you can do it.

First night i set there trying to cut the sticks and i only got like 30 pieces. The more i cut the more i got so it's all about practice.

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