Dog issues

The other day Peanut took a big dump on my couch. It's probably his way of telling me that i am not paying enough attention to him. I walked into my office and not even 10 seconds i came back out and there was a big turd on my couch where i usually sit. As a fairly new dog owner i was completely grossed out and stunded. As i confusingly stared at the turd trying to think of a way to clean it. Here comes little Ginger gimping her way towards the turd. Ginger has a nasty habit of eating her own poop. Her poops are usually very small. She will eat it before anyone finds it. I know this might sound sick, but it is a very common thing for toy dogs to do. We are working on getting that corrected. So, here comes lil Ginger gimping her way to the big turd like some kind of buffee, i quickly snatched her off the ground and locked her in my room. I think i over reacted, it's not like she could reach the couch neverless get on it. This taught me a valuable lesson. Don't buy a dog that is going to be bigger than you... Jk i love peanut. I learned i need to spend more time with him because he is an energetic dog.

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