I am getting a hair cut today. I keep telling myself that i want to grow out my bangs but every time thy grow out they bug the heck out of me. My hair is flat as it is and the longer it is the more it pulls down. I know i am going to regret it after i cut it off.

I've been gaining weight like crazy lately. This is what happens when you work all the time and not have time to work out or be picky with food. I just eat whatever is around. Most of the time it's pizza. I am getting so sick of pizza!

I am going to lose all this weight off. I've done it before and i am going to do it! Believing is the first step lol.

Getting my braces off on Wednesday! I am so excited! I can't wait to taste my first Candy Apple in 2 years! Wait....... no candy apple bad i need to lose this weight! ERRRRRRRRRRR


  1. Don't go too crazy with the weight loss! You look great anyways! Would you like to share your plan though? Haha. I've been gaining weight uncontrollably. My studies make me take too many snack breaks and it's terrible. I'm happy for you getting your braces off!! I've had them for two years already, but plans didn't go as expected so I might be headed for my third year or more.

    Good luck!

  2. that sucks! sorry to hear you have to have them on for another year! I would be sad if they told me that when i go in to get them off tomorrow!

    So far no plan yet. I've been eating a lot of nuts and less meat. Blah owning a dog really changed the way i see animals. Everytime i think about steak i think about my dog getting eaten.