My dear blog~
I have not forgotten about you! I meant to blog daily, i promise. I often think of a topic on the way home from work, but once i get home i get distracted with other things and never put it up. There is so much changes right now with P&C right now, and everything had to be over looked by me. I haven't slept in 2 days! It's Amazing how i even get o work and stay there for a full 8 hours. Tomorrow is closing i must try to get some rest.

I was sick last week. Had a high fever and had to go to Urgent Care. I don't think it's anything serious i do feel much better already. This weekend i am going to try to make an attempt to make a video. I am not sure if i would be doing a tutorial. My skin looks horrible with all the lack of sleep. I think i will do anther mass Q&A.

I really am flattered by the amount of emails and messages i get when i sign on to facebook and YouTube. Every message is like a full page long and i don't have to answer all of them right now. >.<

Once the new site is up and when we have more staff again i will have more time. We had a couple of really nice girls who could be potential candidates to become a P&C Staff. It is always hard for me to decide by just talking to someone. I think action speaks louder than words. I told them all to work for a day or two and i will monitor their work ethics.

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