Have you ever wanted to be accepted by a certain group? A certain group of popular people you just want so badly to associate with. We grow up longing to be with the cool kids. We want so badly to be accepted and liked by them, but when we get denied we swear to never to be like them. It has been years since I've tried to associate myself with a certain group or be something i am not. It is all because of that one rejection by the popular girls. "If your not blond you can't sit with us at lunch." I grew up in a very low Asian populated town. It was a pain growing up. Now that i am an adult and looking back at it... It really did turn out the best. I made sure i got up every morning and be the hardest i can be to look good. I try my best and work my best to be successful... Now i have achieved my goals... why do i find myself longing to be accepted by a different group?

We will never be happy with what we have. We have to constantly strive to be better. I just hate the feeling of a new girl in a new school. That is how i feel in the business world. That is how i feel in the youtube world. There are so many people that knows of me, but how many really care to know who i am?

No matter how much i want to be a part of this group. One thing will never change, and that is how i treat people. I don't care who you are and what you have done. If you are genuinely good to me i will be good back to you. You don't have to have a certain status in society to be my friend. You don't have to have money or be really successful at what you do. Treat people with a good heart that is all you need.

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