When Friday comes around i am usually very excited. I would stay up until as late as my eyes allows me to stay up so i can make Friday last a little bit longer. Saturday is usually the day where i spend a little bit more time on myself and actually put makeup on and take pictures make videos for my fans. I am getting really lazy these days, if people don't request me to take a certain pictures of certain products i probably wouldn't take it. Putting makeup on takes way too much time and i feel like it's taking up my Saturdays lol. How ever i do enjoy sharing my collection of makeup, circle lens, and other stuff with people who read my blog and watch my videos. Please don't take this a s me saying i no longer want to take pictures or make video for you guys.

So far i think i have been doing pretty well in writing blogs. I've always been very careful of what i write on the internet. I feel that people are judging me. A friend once told me i shouldn't write such deep thoughts about life, myself, or any other subject in that matter because it makes me sound depress. Only depress people write deep things. I told him well would you rather have me write about things that don't matter or things that i find matter? He replies, people always like girls to be clueless, if you come off to smart it might offend people. I am no where near smart, but i am not ditz. My experience in life can help a lot of young girls in ways, i am no longer afraid to write about them.


  1. You should write whatever is on your mind. That's the point of a blog. I think it's cool when you write something deep. I think it connects the audience to you more better. The internet is out of control any ways so it wouldn't matter if someone is judging you or not.

  2. You're so beautiful, I wish I was as adorable as you. >w<

    I agree with what SaDorgk says, you should be able to be honest on your own site. If people don't like it, they shouldn't read.. Like Xiaxue, she writes about whatever is on her mind whether it makes sense or is offensive or not and people either love her or hate her.

    I think your friend has an old fashioned point-of-view ... some people are still like that, and it's not wrong (everyone is entitled to their opinion) but you should be surrounded by people who love you for who you are. <3