Sad Letter

"Dear Husband,
Aren't you tired? Aren't you tired of being with someone who is incapable of being happy? I'm tired, i am tired of seeing the sadness in your eyes. I am tired of not able to be the wife i can be. Happiness is no longer an emotion i can express or feel. I am tired of the medications, i am tired of constant hospital visits. Husband, I saw you crying yesterday. I saw you sitting in your car before coming into the house. I can see how much burden this sick person has on you. My body is dying and my spirit is slowly fading away. I don't want to see you suffer anymore. Don't worry my husband, the pain will be over soon. God will lift me from your arms and take care of me. Please don't be sad when i am gone, for you been sad for way too long by my side. Husband, I'm sorry, I am sorry for not being strong. Maybe in the next life god will let us meet again. This time a happier me, a healthier me. Goodbye my love, I love you.

Your wife