It's funny how you are able to find anyone that comes to your mind on facebook. There were a couple of people i wasn't able to find, but a lot of people are on it. Today i found someone i use to go to school with. Her and i were never the best of friends, but the memories of her are very strong in my mind. Maybe we both didn't fit in until our later years. I have always thought she was beautiful, but kids could be so mean back than. I to had part in making her feel like an outcast. I deeply regret my actions as a kid simply just to be accepted by the other girls.

I wasn't able to find her under the name i knew her as. I found her sister first, than found her. It turns out she got married and changed her lastname. She is happily married with two kids. I look at her pictures, i can't help but feel so happy for her. Not everyone have a chance to fall happily in love with beautiful kids. I find myself envious of the path she choosed.

It makes you wonder what if... what if instead of a career i have a family. What if i decided to get married instead of going to college... what if i was a mother instead of a business owner...

Is it possible to have a career and a good wife at the same time? I know a lot of you would say yes to that question, but sadly i am not one who is capable of focusing on two goal at once.

Life is too short to have a career and be a mother for a woman. My clock is ticking as i type this blog.

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  1. Since I was a little girl, I always thought that I should get a career first and get focused on something that can make my life and then the life of my future family easier. I think that having a career and then focusing on a family is best, because then you can provide for your children and not having the husband be the only worker in the house makes sure that you both have time together--