lifelong dream

I think most girls growing up wanting to be a model, singer, or actress i wanted to be a lawyer. In the lawyer world, you have to be strong and sometimes even mean. A lot of people have told me that they don't believe the law field is for me because of the drama and stress, but i long to be in a court room and fight. I may seem quite but who said i can't learn to be out spoken?

I have to admit i am not always the most focus person. I am quite spontaneous. I am not even sure if i will be able to full-fill these goals. It's scary to even think about compromising to something so big and important. At times i would think of myself as irrational. People like me can't think about such promising future. I am the oldest child of a single family home. Money has always been an issue. Doctors and lawyers are not career designed for people like me. Someone like me will have to have a lot of determination to accomplish college never less law school.

Attempting law school could be a waste of money, but i will never be happy if i don't try. I need to learn to take one step at a time and worry about everything else later as it happens.

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